Unbelieveable, A 14 Year Old Burger Found, Still Looks Edible!

The harmful consequences of fast food have been showcased by this hamburger, which is still intact after 14 years. Found accidently by David Whipple in his court’s pocket after two years of purchase, he continued the experiment for 14 years, shocked to see that the burger still seems edible.

David Whipple, a man who bought a hamburger on July 7 1999 and preserved it for a month to show his friends that it would look exactly the same after a month due to preservatives, forgot about it in his coat’s pocket, found it after two years and to his dismay, it looked still the same. He then decided to carry forward this experiment and after 14 years, the burger just refuses to age. Shocking? Isn’t it?

This edible burger of 14 years had been showcased on the popular TV show The Doctors’.

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