Magical Mushrooms That Fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and More

Maitake and shiitake mushrooms look like a good addition to stir fries, but they are packed with nutrients that reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, fight cancer cells and strengthen the immune system. These mushrooms prove their health benefits over and over again – so how can they help you too?


Maitake is among the “super foods” whose health benefits are known for thousands of years. It is rich in antioxidants and contains components called polysaccharides that benefit the immune system, cardiovascular system and even help fight cancer.

The name maitake comes from Japanese and means “dancing mushroom”. The Japanese used to say that the lucky person who finds the mushroom will dance with joy, as its benefits are priceless. Due to its special shape there have been many other nicknames like hen-of-the-woods, ram’s head and sheep’s head.

Maitake and cancer

Most studies in this field were made using medical extraction of the mushroom, which was found to encourage the creation of immune cells that destroy cancer cells and fight tumor development. The anti-cancer ability of maitake is attributed to its unique polysaccharides.

In 1997 it was found that maitake has an impact on the efficiency of chemotherapy, as it works synergistically with chemotherapy drug called mitomycin. It was also found that maitake has beneficial effect on cancer patients even if they discontinued the chemotherapy due to the severe side effects. A relief was also found from symptoms in cancer patients who have suffered a loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea and hair loss.

In a study conducted at the Kobe University in Japan it was found that there is a link between the consumption of the mushroom’s medical extract and the body’s ability to fight cancer. The study included patients of various types of cancer in different stages of the disease. The surprising results of the study have shown that more than half of patients with lung, liver and breast cancer had a significant halt in the deterioration of the disease. Also in other cancers including brain, stomach and blood cancer there was an improvement, though smaller.

In a study done on humans in 2009 in Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center it was found that maitake has an effect on the immune system in cases of breast cancer. It was found that maitake stimulates immune cells called NK cells whose job is to destroy cancer cells.

Maitake and diabetes

Maitake holds a great promise for diabetes treatment. Studies at the Nishikyushu University in Japan have found that a menu rich in maitake positively affects insulin and blood sugar levels with no side effects. However, diabetic patients treated with insulin or other medications to lower blood sugar levels need to be careful with this mushroom, in order not to get hypoglycemia.

Maitake and the immune system

Studies that have examined the link between maitake and the immune system found that on one hand it has the ability to prevent over reaction of the immune system, as in the case of allergy for example, but on the other hand it is capable of stimulating the immune system when it is weak. In addition, regular consumption of maitake provides a nice amount of antioxidants, which together with the polysaccharides enhance the immune system.

Maitake and vascular and heart disease

Maitake also helps balance blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels. Alongside the ability to improve blood sugar levels, it is an ideal food for patients who suffer from metabolic syndrome.


Also shiitake has a long history of medical uses thanks to its nutrients, especially polysaccharides. Other important components in shiitake are a protein called lentin, phytosterols named ergosterol that helps reduce blood cholesterol, amino acids and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc. In addition, it is an excellent source of vitamins B and D and dietary fiber.

Shiitake and cancer

The unique polysaccharide lentinan has a beneficial effect on the immune system as it is anti-microbial, anti-viral and an has an effect on blood cholesterol. Lentinan affects the immune system by helping fight against cancer cells and inhibits their development. Shiitake was found to inhibit tumor growth by encouraging cancer cell death (apoptosis). The anti-cancer ability of shiitake is attributed to its unique polysaccharides as well as other components.

Also studies on humans found that shiitake has an impact on life expectancy of patients with colon and stomach cancer who received at the same time chemotherapy. Most of the studies conducted in this field were made using the medical extraction of the mushroom, but recently it is believed that eating the mushroom has health benefits in cancer prevention, particularly prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Shiitake and the immune system

Many studies have examined the relationship between shiitake and the immune system. As in maitake, is was found that shiitake has on one hand the ability to prevent over stimulation of the immune system as in the case of allergy, and on the other hand is capable of stimulating the immune system when it is weak.

Medical extraction of the mushroom has been shown to be effective in the treatment of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Shiitake has an interesting effect on the specific type of immune cells called macrophages. These cells are responsible, among other things, for identifying and destroying cancer cells. the shiitake mushroom is able to trigger these cells and thus improve the immune system in identifying cancer cells and destroying them.

Shiitake and flu

Studies that have examined the consumption of shiitake in the daily menu have found that it is effective in treating flu and other problems associated with viral or bacterial infections. This is an intriguing area of research that is just at the beginning, and is believed to continue to yield important and interesting information.

Shiitake and heart and cardiovascular diseases

Shiitake protects against cardiovascular and heart diseases by preventing the development of plaque on the blood vessels walls. In order for the plaque to develop, there is a need to have a certain protein that involves in this process. Shiitake contains substances that inhibit the protein and thus prevents its accumulation on the walls of the blood vessels.

Oxidative stress is a significant factor in the acceleration and development of atherosclerotic plaque, so you may wish to include in your daily menu a large amount of antioxidants as much as possible. Shiitake is rich in three minerals known as strong antioxidants: manganese, selenium and zinc, as well as other elements known in their strong antioxidant ability, such as ergothioneine.

Shiitake and iron deficiency

Shiitake is an excellent source of iron from non-animal food source. Studies on laboratory mice showed that the mushroom not only contains a nice amount of iron, but also its availability is higher than that of common iron supplements.

Medical safety notes

Shiitake also contain proteins called purines. Purines break down in the body in a process that creates uric acid, and there are people whose body struggles to eliminate this acid. As a result, the acid is being accumulated, usually in the joints, causing gout. Another problem that can arise from the accumulation of uric acid is kidney stones, so people who tend to suffer from kidney stones should avoid consuming this mushroom.


Home Remedies for Treating Premature Graying of Hair Naturally

“Grey hairs” are the most dreaded night mares for all of us, especially those who have crossed their 30's mark! Premature graying of hair is universal and wide spread among the masses. It occurs when our hair is devoid of the pigment called “melanin”. As a person ages, the melanin pigment of the hair decreases gradually, which causes graying of hair. The other factors responsible for the occurrence of grey hair are genetic predisposition, natural chemical changes and exposure to environmental pollution.

How to treat premature graying of hair?

To treat premature graying of hairs you should have look at your current diet as premature graying is very much related with your diet.

Diet- Your diet plays very important role in retaining the natural colour of your hair. Eat foods rich in iron, vitamin A, B, and minerals. Food high in zinc, iron and copper help keep hair healthy. Hair shedding can be caused by a deficiency in zinc. Low amounts of copper in the body can reduce melanin. Sources of zinc are red meat, chicken and green vegetables. Beef, eggs, red meat, wheat and sunflower seeds are good sources of iron. Cashews, almonds, crabs, oysters and egg yolks are good sources of copper.

Eat dark green vegetables, yellow fruits, cauliflower, banana, tomato, cereals, kidney, liver, yogurt, yeast, wheat germ ,etc.

Take iron rich foods like sunflower seeds, red meat, dried apricots, wheat, parsley ,etc .

You must eat iodine rich foods like banana, carrots, fish etc.

Take foods rich in anti oxidants for destroying the free radicals which damage the hair cells. Avoid oily, fried, fatty, and spicy foods.

Eat foods rich in para -aminobenzoic acid (PABA) like kidney, liver, yeast, whole grains, etc.

Minimize the intake of tea, coffee ,and alcohol. Take vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid( vitamin B5) supplements in your diet. Drink a lot of water. Quit smoking

Following are some home remedies for treating premature graying of hair naturally. These home remedies are very helpful in curing premature graying of hair effectively.

1. Boil a few Amla (Indian gooseberry) pieces in coconut oil till they turn black. Apply this mixture on your hair to cure premature graying of hair naturally at home.

2. Grate the ginger, and mix it with a spoon of honey to eat this mixture everyday to treat premature graying of hair naturally.

3. Massage coconut oil, and lemon juice on your scalp to treat premature graying of hair naturally. Follow this home remedy for getting shiny ,and healthy hair naturally.

4. Massage cow's milk butter on your scalp to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home. Follow this easy home remedy twice a week.

5. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil till the leaves become black. Apply on your scalp, and hair roots as a hair tonic for hair loss and bringing back the hair pigmentation .Curry leaves contain a natural pigment to retain the natural color of your hair. Curry leaves can be used with buttermilk, or curd to prevent your hair from becoming gray.

6. Apply the mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of yogurt, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 2 spoons of basil leaves paste, and 3 spoons of mint juice on your hair. Shampoo after 3 hours .Use this home remedy regularly to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home.

7. Put ribbed gourd (torai) in coconut oil for 3-4 hours, and boil this mixture till it turns black. Massage your hair with this oil to cure premature graying of hair.

8. Take 1 spoon of table salt in 1 cup of strong black tea without milk .Massage your hair with this water. Wash off after 1 hour. Follow this home remedy regularly to cure premature graying of hair.

9. The juice of onion is an extremely helpful home remedy in curing premature graying of hair and giving reddish tinge to your hair .This treatment is very helpful in curing baldness, and hair loss naturally at home.

10. Always use a mild herbal shampoo to wash your hair .

11. Apply 1 gm of black pepper, and 1/2 cup of curd for treating premature graying of hair. You can add the juice of lemon in this preparation too.

12. Boil chamomile in water for 20 minutes to make a tea.Let this mixture cool down, and strain it to use this water on your hair to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home.

13. Apply amla paste or, amla oil on your hair to blacken and thicken your hair.

14. Wash your hair with lemon water to treat graying of hair. Lemon is a natural coloring agent that gives brownish tinge to your hair if applied regularly.

15. Mix rosemary, and sage tea in equal amount in 1 cup of water. Steep, and strain the liquid to use as a natural colorant for your hair. Follow this home remedy to color your gray hair naturally at home.

16. Henna mixed in coconut oil is a nice home remedy for bringing back the dark brown color in the hair.

17. Massage amla juice, almond oil, and lemon juice together for curing gray hair. Amla is the best ingredient for the renewal of pigmentation in your hair. Try this home remedy for beautiful, and shiny hair.

18. Soak up a few dried amla pieces for few hours .Use them with the tea decoction, and 1 spoon of eucalyptus oil. Let this mixture stay in an iron container overnight. Apply this mixture with curd, lemon juice, and an egg in the morning. Follow this home remedy as a cure for premature graying of hair once in 15 days.

19. Tea extract in concentration form gives dark brown, or black color.

20. Soak up 10-12 soap nut seeds, and 3 to 4 shikakai(acacia concinna) pods in 1 pint of water .Soak up 10-12 amla pieces separately in 2 cups of water. Boil soap nut seeds with shikakai ,and strain this mixture to make a shampoo at home. Strain the amla mixture separately to use as a conditioner .This home remedy is a boon to your hair whether you suffer from graying of hair, thinning of hair, dull hair, or hair fall .This treatment will cure all hair related problems naturally .

21. Take amla juice orally daily to restore your natural pigment of your hair .Amla juice will prevent premature aging too.

22. Rubbing your fingernails together increases the blood circulation in your scalp to cure gray hair and strengthen the roots to treat hair loss/baldness.

23. Guava's leaves are very effective in curing premature graying of hair.

24. Apply the fresh juice of amaranth to retain the natural pigment of your hair and curing hair loss naturally at home. It is very helpful home remedy.

25. Apply almond oil, and lemon juice for 30-40 minutes as a home remedy to cure premature graying of hair naturally at home.

26. Apply aloe vera gel for curing premature graying of hair naturally at home.

27. Apply rosemary oil to blacken your hair.

28. Boil 250 grams of mustard oil with 60 grams of henna leaves , and apply this preparation on your hair to cure your gray hair naturally.

29. Apply ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) on our scalp to increase the melanin content of your hair. Try this treatment for treating your gray hair.

30. Apply Ligustrum on the hair as a treatment for premature graying of hair naturally at home. It is very popular chinese herb used for restoring the natural color of your hair and curing gray hair naturally.

31. Take biotin to slow down the gray hair's progression naturally at home. Egg yolks, yeast soybeans, tomatoes, carrots,cow's milk,goat's milk, oats, walnuts, cucumbers, almonds are some good sources of biotin.

32. Try bhringraj oil (Eclipta alba) for blackening your hair .You can take bhringraj orally to get black ,thick, and shiny hair naturally at home .

33. Never use blow-dryer to dry your hair as it causes gray hair.

34. Try Motia rosha oil on your hair to cure premature graying, splits ends, hair loss and giving luster to your dull hair.Motia rosha oil stimulates the pigment cells of your hair and very helpful in treating gray hair, and insomnia.

35. Soak up henna overnight, and in the morning, apply with walnut pulp for treating premature graying of hair and giving beautiful tinge to your hair naturally at home.

36. Take copper supplement colloidal copper orally to fight premature graying of hair.

37. Apply sesame oil, or olive oil with bottle gourd juice to treat premature graying of hair. This home remedy will give you shiny, black ,and thick hair naturally .

38. Apply henna , the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 spoon of coffee powder ,and an egg for 45 minutes. This treatment will cure your gray hair naturally at home.

39. Wash your hair with omega-3 rich shampoo, and oils like Emu oil to cure premature graying of hair .The oil containing omega -3 rejuvenates the pigment generating cells called melanocytes.Mira oil can also be tried at home.

40. Apply eugenol oil (clove oil) for treating premature graying of hair naturally .

41. You can try anti-graying tablets, and creams like Melancor, Reminex, Fo-Ti Root, Shen Min ,and Restoria discreet.

42. Steep dried sage leaves in water for 2 hours , and use this preparation for rinsing your hair .This treatment will blacken your gray hair naturally.

43. You should take foods rich in folic acid like dark green vegetables,leafy vegetables,cereals,cowpeas,braised beef's liver,etc.

44. You can take buttermilk with 2 spoons each of yeast ,and wheat germ daily to cure your gray hair.

45. Neem oil prevents graying of hair. Try this home remedy for curing all scalp infections as well.

46. Pour the outer hulls of some black walnuts in water for making tea, and use this preparation as a natural colorant for your gray hair. Black walnut is an excellent natural hair colorant . The effect of this home remedy will last up to 6 weeks in inspite of washing the hair regularly.

47. You can use black walnuts for coloring your gray hair .Boil a few black walnuts in water for 15-20 minutes .Keep on your hair for 30 minutes to color your gray hair naturally at home. Eat 5-6 walnuts daily as they are the rich sources of copper, and zinc. Both are responsible for the formation of melanin.

48. Apply arnica oil on your hair to treat premature graying of hair. Arnica oil is made from the dried arnica flowers.These flowers' anti-inflammatory properties treat premature graying, hair loss / baldness at home naturally.

49. Apply brahmi hair oil for curing premature graying of hair ,dandruff, and splits ends at home naturally.

50. Apply gooseberry with mango seeds on your hair to cure gray hair naturally at home.

Important tips- Always stay away from using harmful chemicals on your hair like hair color, hair styling gel , etc. Wash your hair 4 times a week to maintain the hygiene of hair to have shiny hair.

Use fresh water(not hot) water for washing your hair. Never let the unnecessary worries plague your head to avoid the premature graying of hair.


Urgent Fukushima Video Everyone Needs to See


Here's why you should start replacing regular potatoes with purple potatoes in your diet


Joe Martino | Collective-Evolution

Most of us are used to seeing and eating the typical white or yellow fleshed potatoes. You may even eat sweet potatoes on a regular basis and so you might be accustomed to orange as well. But purple potatoes are certainly not as popular, although given the deep rich color of these potatoes, more of us should be familiar with these potatoes for the powerful nutrients they pack.

Native to South America, purple potatoes got their name due to their deep purple skin and flesh. There are several types of the purple potato including the Purple Majesty, Purple Viking and Purple Peruvian varieties. Purple potatoes are rich in antioxidant phytochemicals and studies show that purple potatoes can aid in lowering blood pressure.

As with any fruit or vegetable, the deep rich colors they offer tell us how nutrient dense they are. When choosing which vegetables to add to our diet, a mix of colors is always a good rule of thumb to be sure we are getting a variety of nutrients to meet our bodies needs. Purple potatoes follow right along with this concept as the purple characteristic tell us that they are rich in a powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin. Coming from the flavonoid family of antioxidants, anthocyanin is best known for boosting the immune system and fighting cancer. You can also find this antioxidant in blueberries and pomegranates.

Another great benefit to anthocyanin is its ability to protect the integrity and structure of DNA and encourage the production of cytokines which are key in promoting proper immune response. If that isn’t enough, this powerful antioxidant also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to protect the health and integrity of the capillaries and strengthens membranes. It may also play a role in regulating estrogenic activity which helps to lower the risk of hormone-related disease.

Lowering Blood Pressure

A study presented at the 2012 American Chemical Society National Meeting in Denver, Colorado showed that consuming purple potatoes lowered the blood pressure of the subjects who were eating them compared to subjects that were not. The effects on blood pressure are likely associated with the potatoes therapeutic effect on the capillaries and blood vessels as previously mentioned. It is also likely that purple potato’s feature a high concentration of another phytochemical called chlorogenic acid which has been linked to lowering blood pressure in mice.

Flavor & Cooking

Many of us love white potatoes and are accustomed to the texture and flavor they offer. Does the purple potato trade off any flavor or texture for the nutrient density? Not at all! The purple potato tastes very much like the standard white-fleshed potatoes and is said to be slightly creamier in texture.

When cooking purple potatoes, as with any other potatoes, try to keep the skin on and remember to cook them in the healthiest ways possible. keeping the skin on helps to keep moisture in the potato and is packed full of nutrients. The skin of the purple potato is rich in vitamin C and contains a lot of the polyphenols and potassium that makes it so beneficial. Baking and steaming are often the best methods of preparation and good clean oils like coconut oil are recommended if you are frying. Then again, you can always just take a bite straight out of one of these much like you would if you were eating an apple!



This Abused Dog Thought He Deserved to Die. He Was Beautifully Proven Wrong.

When Apollo was found at a shelter, he was in bad shape. Not only was he physically fading away, but he was in such bad shape mentally from being abused, you could tell he thought he deserved it.

A loving family decided to make a difference in this pup’s life and took him home. His transformation is unbelievable.

While at the shelter, Apollo was so terrified he couldn’t look any humans in the face. He believed he should die.

Image: San Antonio Animal Care

But, after seeing him in his cage, one family refused to give up on him… even when vets said his distemper was so bad, they should just let him die.

Shortly after being rescued, his new owner said:

"We brought him home, and we gave him food, and a bed, and everything a puppy wants. You should have seen how excited he was when we fed him in those first few months.

He recovered entirely from his illness. Slowly, he became the best dog, even at times very cuddly. His favorite thing on the planet is our morning walks.

He is loving, confident, and sweet–the perfect family pet.

He is our tiny dachshund’s best friend in the world. Recently we had a baby, and from the moment we brought our baby home, Apollo adopted the baby as if he were his own puppy."

Some dogs just need a chance – they’ll show you how good life can be. Share if you believe shelter dogs deserve another chance at happiness.

Sources: via

GMO 'Suicide Seeds' On the Verge of Approval in Brazil Must be Stopped


GMI Reporter | Green Med Info

After promising on World Food Day (October 16) to block legislation that would legalize the planting of Terminator seeds in Brazil, the country's Judicial Commission is set to approve suicide seeds as a Christmas gift to Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta.

Intense internal and external pressure in mid-October forced the Brazilian Congress to pull back from adopting pro-Terminator legislation, and the Judicial Commission's Chair pledged never to allow legislation while at his post. Now, the same chair will entertain a motion Wednesday to accept Terminator seeds, making Brazil the first country in the world to defy a 13-year-old UN moratorium on the use of the technology. "If the Commission passes the bill this week," says Centro Ecológico's Maria José Guazzelli, "the Congress could make it law after it reconvenes in February. While most of Brazil is celebrating a Christmas birth, the seed multinationals will be celebrating the death of the 10,000-year right of farmers to save seeds."

If the bill is passed this week (the Judicial Commission meets Wednesday and Thursday), ETC Group expects the Brazilian government to take a series of incremental steps that will orchestrate the collapse of the 193-country consensus moratorium when the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meets for its biennial conference in Korea in October 2014:

First, the government will announce that adoption by the Judicial Commission does not necessarily mean adoption by the Congress. Next, the government will announce that it will limit, through regulation, the application of Terminator technologies to special circumstances and repeat its long-standing support of the UN moratorium. Later, the government will agree that Terminator seeds can be used on GM trees to prevent widespread contamination in the Amazon. This will be described as an environmentally beneficial initiative, disguising the intent to allow the Amazon's biodiversity to be replaced with GM tree plantations.

Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta – all of whom have pledged to never sell Terminator seeds to farmers – will express their sympathy for the government's difficult situation regarding the spread of GM tree pollen and agree to act responsibly. Although the 3 companies that control 54% of global commercial seed sales all have a stable of Terminator patents, they will move cautiously to multiply Terminator seeds and prepare them for market over the next 2-3 years.

In the meantime, not wanting to be seen as a "rogue state," Brazil will propose to "protect" the Biodiversity Convention's global moratorium by "clarifying language" that will allow states to commercialize Terminator under special conditions such as GM trees or during food security emergencies. This will cue the global seed trade to introduce all of its latest commercial traits only on the Terminator platform – making them available only for seeds that die at harvest time.

The so-called Gene Giants may take advantage of Brazil's clout in the global South to roll out "Terminator Plus" – next generation "zombie" seeds whose sterility can be reversed via a proprietary chemical bath. This combines the maximum biological monopoly with the maximum corporate profit since companies will not even have to multiply and market seed every growing season.

Already, almost 30,000 people in Brazil and around the world have signed a petition* addressed to the Chair of the Judicial Commission reminding him of his promise not to allow suicide seeds and calling upon the government to honor its commitment to the United Nations. Around the world, peasant and civil society organizations are contacting Brazilian embassies to express their alarm.

* The petition is available here (in Portuguese), here (in English) and here Spanish).

For non-Portuguese speakers: in order to sign to the petition on, you must enter your first name (Nome), last name (Sobrenome), email address, street address (Endereço), city (Cidade), state (Estado), zip code (CEP); tick the first box if you want to receive mailings from; tick the second box if you want to receive updates on the Terminator issue.

For more information:

Maria José Guazzelli, Centro Ecológico,

Tel: 55 54 32331727

Kathy Jo Wetter, ETC Programme Director,

Tel: +1-919-688-7302

Pat Mooney, ETC Group Executive Director,

Tel: +1-613-241-2267