Purify Air Naturally With These Herbs

This is a collection of some house plants which help clean the air in the room from pollution, bad smell and lower carbon dioxide naturally.



Some use this herb for cooking, other use it as a herbal tea. The most important function of this herb is its ability to improve cognitive function and shield the brain from free radicals.And the presence of this plant in the room is enough in the long run. Rosemary still exhales some of its essential oils in the room (you don't need to boil it in a tea infusion to benefit from it).



Basil is one well known herb and spice. Naturally it is spread in Asia and North Africa but can easily be cultivated for all climates and domesticated. Grows about 1-2 feet long with small white blossoms and wide leaves. The fruit is small 4-seed nut that dries and drops by itself at autumn and can be reseeded in the next Spring. The rich aroma and the pleasant peppery taste are only one part of the coin. It can be also used as herbal tea and as all other plants will reduce the Carbon Dioxide in the room. Gather some leaves for the salad and leave enough smaller leaves for it to grow.


The best herbal tea for winter. The best plant for indoor planting. There are many subspecies which are also called Mint. They include plants suitable with cooking with dry beans, plants suitable for baking meat, others suitable for extracting fragrant oils for perfumery and scent lamps and dozens more.
  • All of them has few things in common:
  • They make the air easier to breathe if you have lung disease.
  • They have very pleasant aroma.
  • They attract one small wasp when blooming. The wasp kills some parasites on other plants or injects eggs inside them.
  • They make excellent herbal tea or tasty cooking spice.
  • They love sun and water but are incredibly easy to grow.

You can cut a branch and leave it in a glass of water for one week. It will grow very potent roots and you can plant it everywhere.


Jasmine opens its flowers between 6 and 8 PM, when the temperature is lower. Having Jasmine aroma when dining is very pleasant. Having jasmine tea is also very good. (Just bruise some petals in a cup and pour boiling water. Cover for 10 minutes with a small dish). In China and India, it is mixed with green tea leaves and tumbled until the green tea absorbs all the fragrance form the Jasmine. In fact - Jasmine tea bags bought from store are actually green or Oolong tea with Jasmine scent.

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