Easy Way to Grow Cucumbers at Home

Cucumbers plant is grown in large spaces because of it vine structure that cover a lot of area on ground. The space has to be maximized to allow the plant grow freely if you want to grow the plant in a small space or indoors. 

Cucumber seeds need a heated environment to grow comfortably. First of all take regular soil and compost and mix them together. This will create a rich nutritional environment for the seeds to grow. Seeds should be planted about half to one inch deep in the mixture. Put the mixture in a sunny place where they are able to get at least six hours of daily sunlight. Keep the soil damp but not soaked. Cucumber plants like wet soil but seeds can drown.

Let the plant grow to about two inches before transferring it to a large pot. When the plant has grown to about two inches, gently pull it by the base, make sure you get the roots of the plant with it to transfer it into a large pot.

Set the 5-gallon bucket so the top faces down. Locate the center of the bottom with the measuring tape. Mark four points 1 inch off center in a circle. Use the points to cut a hole in the center of the bottom of the bucket, using the knife. Shave down any sharp edges with a file. Set the bucket aside. Put the lid on the work area. Locate and cut out the center hole in the lid as you did with the bottom of the bucket.

Set the bucket with the open end up. Flatten out and tape a coffee filter over the holes in the base and underside of the lid. Fill the bucket to the brim with a 50/50 mix of soil and compost or mulch. Put on the lid and secure it tightly. Flip the bucket upside down again. Use the knife to cut a hole in the coffee filter large enough to put two fingers through. Dig into the soil up to your knuckles. Remove the dirt and set it aside. Insert the roots of a cucumber plant until the plant base meets the dirt. Replace the dirt you took out and use it to cover the roots. Water the soil until it's damp. Allow the plant seven days to establish itself in the bucket.

Secure the hanger for the bucket in the desired location. Use south-facing windows when possible; use windows without shading otherwise. Set up heavy-duty hooks or hangers in the ceiling to support the buckets; they will be hanging from the hooks. Turn the bucket right side up. Hold the bucket by the handle. Cut an "X" in the filter paper and fold the paper under. This will give you clear access to the soil and the ability to water the plants. Hang the buckets on the hooks. Water the plants daily to keep the soil damp.


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