You Won't Believe What They're Feeding Our Kids for Lunch at School

It’s a well known fact that childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the US, yet many schools continue to serve lunches that have little to no nutritional value. And the problem isn’t a money one. According to the folks behind Fed Up, “There is no major cost difference between nutritious and not nutritious food at schools.” And yet, Fed Up reports, 71% of kids are unsatisfied with the lunches they’re served at school.
They wanted to do something about it, so they encouraged over 25K kids to participate in their “true state of school lunch,” a project that resulted in 7,025 photos being sent in that document school lunches from around the country.

Now Fed Up is posting these pics and allowing visitors to vote whether to “Eat it” or “Toss it.”
Here are some examples of the "food" they are feeding our children…

Pork slop

Crispy potato wedges

Noodle surprise



Chili dog and cheese fries

Some sort of hot pocket thing

All the more disturbing is the fact that the government is pushing to ban homemade lunches in schools. One school that we have written about before has been documented forcing parents to produce a doctor's note if they wish to send their child to school with a home made lunch. Another recorded instance came to light when a school was caught fining parents for not including "grains" in their child's lunch, which was then "supplemented" with Ritz Crackers. This is indeed a disturbing trend which must be opposed by parents and anyone else that cares about the health and well being of our youth.


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