Wikihouse Download and Print Your Own House

Imagine downloading your house online, and “printing” it out on a machine. You don’t have to imagine it. It is a reality. Wikihouse makes it possible to download the blueprint designs for the house, which can then be fed into a CNC machine and the parts (and tools) needed to assemble the shelter simply cut out from sheets of plywood. - This can be great for off grid living or just a fun 'do it yourself' project. This is also a great solution to helping people find homes after natural disasters etc.

The practical applications are far reaching. Not only can your design and download your own home, but the Wikihouse could be used in disaster relief scenarios where natural disasters, war, or political turmoil causes destruction of home and property and displaces many people. SCALABLE: This is scalable and modifiable. Anyone can download and use the plans and modify them for you own use under the terms of the license for free. This means you are free to improve upon the design or make your own. Wikihouse is designed using Sketchup. A free (at the time of this writing) 3D design software application. This is a truly revolutionary idea, and the concept is proven. It works.

“The purpose of the WikiHouse construction set is that the end structure is ready to be made weathertight using cladding, insulation, damp-proof membranes and windows. WikiHouse is still an experiment in its early stages, and these have not yet been prototyped or developed further. All the information shared on is offered as an open invitation to collaborators and co-developers who are interested in putting open source solutions to these problems in the public domain. If you are working on one of these, or would like to know (or do) more, please get in touch.”



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