The Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods

In today's world there is less of the original food available but food like products are in abundance. The organic and real food is obviously healthy, the human body is designed for organic, healthy and real food. With the advent of genetically modified food for which the human body is not designed to adjust with, many problems like health have concerned and effected us badly.

There are many foods that cause or are one of the main causes of cancer. Five food that cause or contribute towards cancer are:

Hot Dogs

One of the main ingredient in Hot Dogs is sodium nitrate which is one of the main cancer causing ingredient in food products, If you must have hot dogs look for the one that does not have sodium nitrate listed in its ingredients.

Processed meats and bacon

Processed meats almost always contain the same sodium nitrite found in hot dogs. You'll have to look for the processed meat which does not contain sodium nitrate in natural grocers or health food stores. Bacon is also high in saturated fat, which contributes to the risk of cancers, including breast cancer. Limiting your consumption of processed meats and saturated fats also benefits the heart.


Doughnuts contain ingredients such as: hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar, and acrylamides. Essentially, they're one of the worst cancer foods you can possibly eat. Many experts believe it's probably one of the worst ways to start the day.

French fries

Fries are made with hydrogenated oil and fried at high temperatures. Some fast food chains even add sugar to their fry recipe to make them even more irresistible. Not only do they clog your arteries with saturated fat and trans fat, they also contain acrylamides. Acrylamides is the same cancer causing ingredient found in Doughnuts.


Snacks contain white flour, sugar and trans fats. In the case of snacks just reading the ingredients is not enough because the companies hide the real ingredient by giving another name purposely, for example: hiding MSG in Yeast Extract, MSG is a cancer causing ingredient.

It is best to avoid these food and start eating natural and organic food. To know about how to grow your own food please look through our website and if you want natural cures instead of medicine then please look at Natural Cures Not Medicine

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