The Moment a Fish Fought Back: Amazing Photos Show Fish Toppling Boat

Fishermen battling a massive black marlin off the coast of Panama took a turn for the worse when the fighting fish appeared to sink their boat. Catch of the day: Fishermen off Panama's coast had just hooked a massive marlin seen splashing behind them when things took a turn for the worst

Big mistake: The captain is said to have slipped while putting the boat into reverse to back down on the fish and consequently hit the throttle into full reverse and take on water

 Frenzy: The marlin is easily seen prancing above the water as the crew becomes frantic to save their sinking ship

Rising up: Both the boat and the marlin's nose are seen in the air now as the boat rocks into the swarming waves

Scurrying: One man is seen clutching onto the side of the boat while another appears already half-way under while facing the still jumping fish

Strength: The boat's alleged manufacturer wrote in to Marlin Magazine's Facebook page to argue the strength of their boats claiming it has captured hundreds of similar fish in the same area before

One that got away: The marlin is seen jumping above where the boat once floated while all crew members are said to have been rescued without any injuries reported

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