I Knew Dogs Were Loyal, But This…? I Have No Words For What He Did.

Druzhok means “Little Friend” in Russian. This past summer, a loving mutt named Druzhok showed just how loyal of a friend he could be to his family. He is part of the Andreev household in the Amur region of Russia. He is a compassionate pet, even though he has a strong sense of freedom.
If he wants to run around, no chain will stop him. He will break it and run away. And when he’s had enough he comes and shows his neck like he’s saying, “Leash me, I’m ready.” (Source)
But, this willful dog showed his family just how much he cared for them when their town was overtaken by flood waters.
When the Andreev’s town became flooded, they took their dog and went to stay with friends.
In August, the Andreevs and 100,000 others in their area had to be evacuated because of flooding. Of course, they took Druzhok with them. They went to stay with some friends who were not affected by the floods. These friends lived in a small apartment, so Druzhok stayed outside. But he was used to living outside, so this wasn’t really strange or problematic for him.

For a couple nights he slept under the Andreevs’ car, guarding it and waiting like everyone else for the flooding to go down and life to go back to normal. But then on the third morning he was gone.
They couldn’t find him anywhere until they finally took a boat back to their house. There they found him staying out of the water by standing on the top step of the stoop.

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